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Ukrainian artist working in dotwork style. In my works, you can observe the ambiguity of meanings and messages, I do not set myself the task of conveying them to people - let everyone decide what he wants to see. I independently studied art and started with paints, pencils, felt-tip pens, and later settled on the dotwork style.



About art and inspiration


For me, art is a world in which each person is a ray of light that grows seeds of a different perception of reality.

My works are an imprint of the spiritual on the physical.

Realism in art has always won me over. One day I came across the works of the Austrian contemporary artist Gottfried Helnwein. I was thrilled by his hyper-realistic paintings and I thought that I wanted to paint as realistically. From legendary artists, I will be banal, but I sincerely admire such giants as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Bosch. You can often observe sculptures in my works. I always thought that there is more living in sculptures than in people. You look at the sculpture and it seems that this solid piece of marble is frozen in anticipation of being reborn again - this is an unfinished action, it will never end...


About progress of drawing


The main difficulty in the process of creating a drawing is to convey all the realism of thoughts and ideas with dots, no matter how surreal it is. I select the desired liner thickness, depending on the subtleties of the image I transfer. A4 size drawing is created about 20-30 hours of working time.

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