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Коллекции осени и зимы

Participation in exhibitions

10-31 July 2020

Group online exhibition - Monochromagic 3, which annually hosts a progressive online gallery

and an art resource in the UK "WOW x WOW".

15-16 August 2020

Personal exhibition at a charity festival "Courage".

October 24 - November 14, 2020

Group exhibition and all-Ukrainian competition "Viral Art". Gallery "Dialogues", Odessa.

4-14 November 2020

Personal exhibition "Ink concentration". Bar "Baltazar", Kiev.

5-26 February 2021

Group online exhibition "Mind Weave", online gallery and art resource UK "WOW x WOW".

1-10 March 2021

Demonstration of works "Feedback of nature", created on the topic of environmental imbalance and the relationship of man to nature, Kyiv, Ukraine.

4-30 June 2021

Group exhibition "ART PARALLELS - 2021". All-Ukrainian competition of modern graphics.

6-16 June 2021

Group online exhibition "MENTAL HEALTH 2021".

25-27 June 2021

Exhibition of works at the tattoo festival "TATTOO COLLECTION". Art Factory Platform, Kyiv.

August 20 - October 8, 2022

Charity exhibition "Darkness Produces Beauty" in support of Ukrainians affected by the war in Ukraine. WBB Gallery Zurich, Switzerland.

Якорь 1



Collaboration with a famous Ukrainian clothing brand TTSWTRS, which specializes

in everyday clothing for all ages. SS'19 collection release.


Drawings of Rostislaw Tsarenko entered the Top 5 best works of 2019 in the worldwide community of artists Inktober. Here are the artists' images from all over the world, drawn in ink.


Liam Carver's Just Draw Fineliner Art, a printable collection of art by artists from

around the world.


Collaboration with the TTSWTRS brand and Pushkinsky museum (Moscow). Release

of the capsule collection, dedicated to the exhibition-research "Tattoo".


Rostislaw became the Ambassador of Royal Talens - Dutch a company that

specializes in goods for artists.


Album cover design for "Seeking All That’s Still Unsung" for the American pianist Holly Bowling.


Cover design of the music composition "LITAYU" for the Ukrainian music band TASAMA.

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